On day one of our workshop we asked participants to think in groups about their project’s internal strengths, weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. The findings were written on cards and then grouped and analyzed. As part of the post workshop documentation process we created tag clouds (www.tagcrowd.com) and discover the following patterns:

  • Key internal strengths in the projects are: good team work, strong communication, experience and expertise, support (from management), and good level of practice in project teams. Many of our participants have the content ready, and funding assured.
  • Participants identified internal weaknesses of their projects: Lack of collaboration among stakeholders and teams, lack of content, connectivity, geographic dispersion of teams.
  • Among the opportunities that are external to the projects were mentioned: People who support, collaborate, fund, champion, and adopt your projects. Sharing of information and content creation is growing, willingness to learn together.
  • Looking at the threats, connectivity is clearly the primary issue for many of our projects. This relates to possible weak connectivity of our target groups as well as low connectivity in some of our organizations. Then we see a group of threats related to buy-in, support and commitment of teams and stakeholders, and finally issues related to weaknesses in skills, understanding, lack of training of our end use

When we have a look at the below tag cloud that includes all notes on the SWOT session we see how our issues can be read as strength, and opportunities, as well as weaknesses and threats. It also gives a quite good overview of the success factors of any KS project.

tag cloud swot