Project Posters

These are the projects that participants have been working on and where phase 3 can provide opportunities for joint learning:

  • Selam Alemayehu (ILRI): Enhancing research through a collaborative approach. Implement a tool that strengthens collaborative research and work.
  • Vanessa Meadu (ICRAF): A Web site to support the PRESA Community of Practice.
  • Nadia Manning (ICT-KM): Knowledge sharing in research
  • Sandra Velarde: Building knowledge together in the Amazon
  • Alexandra Jorge (ILRI): Building best practices on gene bank management
  • Yuan Octafian (CIFOR): Forestry 2.0
  • Jean (ILRI): Developing best practices for forage germplasm management
  • Grace Ndungu (ILRI): Global Challenge Dialogue
  • Florencia Tateossian (CGIAR Secretariat) : Build a supportive tool for collaborative communication across CGIAR communications and resource mobilization people.
  • Dina Satrio (CIFOR): Promote the usage of our Intranet
  • Janice Proud (ILRI): KS within the Napier Grass disease resistance project team
  • Gauri Salokhe (FAO): The FAO Knowledge Fair
  • Maria Grazia Bovo (FAO): A new FAO permanent representatives Web site
  • Nicole Demers (Bioversity): A new SGRP Platform on CGIAR genetic resources
  • Pete Shelton (IFPRI): IFPRI Intranet 2.0
  • Davy Simumba (ZARI): KS within the Zambian research networks
  • Dady Damby (FARA/RAILS): Building KS capacity of RAILS learning teams
  • Daniel Mwesige (ASARECA): Development of a project management and information system