We started day two of our workshop with a conversation about KS within and among development organizations: What are the challenges? We used a fish bowl dynamic for this session and here are some of the issues that came up:

  • How can we know what Knowledge we need to share in order to “get it right” and avoid information overload?
  • The importance of partnerships to reach farmers
  • The potential of FAO / FARA collaboration to facilitate use and access of information
  • KS with farmers: Most of us work for level of extensionists and policy makers, or universities. Dady from FARA shared their beginning experience with Innovation Platforms, CIFOR on conflict resolution
  • How to measure impact of KS? Partially through SNA
  • What are the incentives for KS and the important role of KS champions.
  • Obstacles to KS: Evaluation and impact measurements based on publications, internal competition. There is a paradox with our mission to produce Global Public Goods.
  • About creating a KS culture: We share more outside our organizations than inside (result of a FAO study)