Before launch we did a 2 hour session on KS tools. Participants had identified previously a set of tools that they wanted to get to know better and discuss further.

We used the Commoncraft Show videos as an introduction and than shared our experiences, questions and answers. Here are some examples:


  • Can two people edit a wiki at the same time?
  • What does History meanand what is it good for?
  • SPAM is often a problem. It is better to have login and password protection.
  • A specific version of Tiki Wiki allows you to work offline which is useful for those with bad connectivity (like our colleagues at ILRI campus in Ethiopia 😉 Also Google just released a service.
  • Is the administrator is the only one who can change and go back to previous version?
  • What are the weaknesses of wikis? Formatting issues, not easy to see tracked changes.
  • Wikis focus on content and not on the voices of the contributor. Not good for conversations.


  • Stories: hard to keep up.
  • It is useful to use plugins to send the same blog post to different blogs.
  • When we have project blogs we tackle the problem of writing our personal thinking versus institutional messages. We need to get language right.
  • Blogs don’t need to be a discussion forum, they can be used as an announcement mechanism.
  • Difference between discussion forums and blogs. As far as blogs are concerned, there is a main blogger and the comments are secondary. In discussion forums everybody is on the same level which is better for equally distributed conversations.
  • It is difficult to promote blogs when the center restricts access.


  • With RSS feeds we subscribe to content and take it from one place to another.
  • Does the use of RSS limit our spirit of discovery?
  • RSS allows knowing quickly when our organizations are mentioned in the news.
  • Gauri shared with the group which is a services where feeds from different web sites have been aggregated. It allows us to subscribe to selected feeds related to our specific interest.

Social Bookmarking

  • How can I see what others are bookmarking?
  • Being rigorous with tags is important.
  • Recognition of tags in different languages will help to create multicultural bridges.