Petr and Daniel working on a ASARECA project network mapThe KS Workshop Phase 2 starts tomorrow. Most of the participants have arrived and we are currently improvising a Day 0 with a small group of those who couldn’t follow and contribute as much as they wanted to the Phase 1 online conversations. To get started we did a quick table round on the question of what we want to hear or learn more about, things that cached our attention in phase 1 but that we didn’t had the time to think through.
We ended up with a discussion on how to get our colleagues, mostly scientists to contribute to our information and communication initiatives (intranets, portals, Web sites). Beyond connectivity problems that exist in many parts of Africa the biggest challenge seems to be to find a form of collaboration that adds value to the scientist’s and staff individual business and provides at the same time opportunities for sharing with the wider institution and stakeholders. We all agreed that this topic will certainly be at the heart of our 3-day workshop.
We then decided to split up in pairs and to draw the networks maps of the projects that we would like to work on during the next days as a way to catch up with the most successful activity of the online workshop phase and also to prepare for tomorrow’s activities.