The KS Workshop team (Nancy, Lucie, Petr, Simone) gathered around a teleconference and undertook a AAR of the first workshop phase:

What worked well?

  • Objective of phase 1 (DISCOVERY) accomplished
  • The overall design
  • Have an adjustable agenda that was not planned too much into detail
  • The Calls
  • The visuals
  • The variety of things we offered
  • The Toolkit was excellent
  • The unfinished toolkit was a good strategy
  • The Network Mapping exercise
  • Our collaboration
  • Nancy’s decision making capability during the planning phase
  • The organical evolvement of our respective input in the workshop team
  • The diversity of the group
  • The geographical spread of the group
  • The workshop Content
  • The Podcasts
  • Great FAO participants engagement
  • Those from FARA who engaged really added a component to the workshop
  • Lucie trying to connect with French speakers
  • Greatly danced between huge amount of material
  • Encouraging that people expressed desire to make the moodle site public
  • Our adjustments to participants suggestion to combine activities and discussions

What can be improved?

  • Have a week 0 for orientation, with an extra call: how to use moodle, how to use calls
  • Slow-down in week 3 and 4
  • The moodle space: make it easier to navigate. Suppose that participants who were less active had more problems of orientation and navigation.
  • Have guests, i.e. for network mapping analyses and discussions
  • Spread week one more into week 2.
  • Successful, but for all of us extremely high investment of time
  • As designers and facilitators, plan our time better. Take notes of the hours spent.
  • Have a moodle site map
  • Vary the teleconference call designs. Encourage participation in different groups.

Questions to work on / think about further

  • How to find the best rhythm in the interaction among participants and facilitators, and how to increase interaction among participants.
  • How to handle the double role of facilitators (process) and expert input (content).
  • Howe to deal with group that where subscribed by intermediaries (i.e. FARA/RAILS) in order to
  • How not loosing focus on methods, interpersonal aspects of KS. How to tackle process related KS issues in an online environment?
  • How do we serve other groups in other languages better or in other ways?