27 of the 32 active participants of the KS Workshop expressed their overall satisfaction with the workshop in an evaluation survey. 26 participants rated the event as excellent (50%) or good (46%). 23 respondents think that their initial expectations were met; 24 feel that the workshop increased their ability to apply KS principles, methods and tools in their work. All respondents state that the pre- workshop communication (Online survey, Web site information, e-mail exchanges, individual calls) helped them to understand the objectives and dynamics of this workshop. Each week was almost equally useful for participants, week 1 (Welcome and introductions, Why share knowledge discussion, Network Mapping exercise) being the most useful for 18 respondents. The communication channels and resources were almost equally appreciated with a preference for the weekly summaries and the KS toolkit.

The Moodle platform got overall good ratings with suggestions for improvement in the organization of the information. 19 respondents think that the facilitators were excellent, 7 rated them as good. Participants had mixed feelings about the size of the group: 16 found that the size of the group was just right, and 10 found it too big. Also the interaction among participants was rated as average by 12 respondents, 23 respondents say that they made useful contacts beyond the workshop, 4 said no, mainly because of lack of participation in the event. All respondents found it very useful (54%) or useful (46 %) to be with participants from other organizations.

When asked for main strengths of the workshop, participants highlight firstly the aspects related to participation and interaction, like the diversity and energy in the group, the richness of experiences, and the combination of fun and serious interactions. Respondents also appreciated the wide range of tools, methods and resources available, specifically the KS toolkit. On the design of the workshop, respondents highlight the flexibility, the scope and the structure of the event. They appreciated the effective support, the availability and the experience of the workshop facilitators. Finally, respondents found the Moodle platform useful, as well as the Email notifications, and the teleconferences.

The 27 respondents also have suggestions for improvement, mainly on the design of the event in the sense that they feel that more time was needed to make most out of the workshop. A need was also expressed to introduce the Moodle platform and the resources beforehand and to give participants more time to become familiar with them. Indeed many expressed the feeling of being overwhelmed with the richness of the workshop environment. Some also suggested the group of participants to be smaller.