In our last week of the KS workshop we are sharing experiences, links and many questions about KS tools and methods. Have a look at those, also… you might really get curious to see the answers 😉

  • I’m thinking now that storytelling might be a gender-sensitive method because it brakes down the hierarchies and puts all the tellers and their knowledge on the same level. However, the most important part to make sure it works at its best could be the ‘facilitation of the story telling’. That is making sure men and women are given equal time slots,  equal opportunities to ask questions… What do you think?
  • What features shall intranet have in order to attract users and become a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing within organization? Or is the era of intranets over with all web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs, social networks)?
  • What portal platform are you thinking to use as a central point for linking all the web 2.0 tools suitable for diffeent functions of your intranet?
  • Does anyone use things like iGoogle or Netvibes as personal home pages rather than a centralize intranet? or is the openness of that antithetical to most ag/development organizations?
  • Podcats: What do you need and can you just use telephone softwares like Skype and JustVoip to record and create sound files? What format is the best for storing these files?
  • I just tried to edit something on Mobiles on the KS Toolkit wiki, since it is fairly empty. I am not sure about the language I used, perhaps too casual…It feels that this kind of language should be used more for blogs and not so much for wikis. I am wrong?
  • Can we delete a blog after it is no more useful (or we want to use a different blogging tool)?
  • Are there blog tools more appropriate than others for professional (most of them look like private blogs)? I am looking for a blog tool with many other scientific blogs.
  • I have just tried to set up a blog and found that it is very easy to do. However, the major diffiulty that I am facing now is what you have just indicated – “what should be posted to a Blog and what not”?
  • Does anybody have any successful story about converting scientist into blogger? 
  • The one downside i see with Dgroups is that it does not organize messages into discussions. it is quite confusing to see a list of messages and try to figure out where the discussion starts, branches off, ends… has anbyody found this to be a problem? can anybody propose an alternative discussion group that offers organized conversations?
  • Will the pages of the course still be available after the course is finished? I think it would be really great if we could be able to read them for many months for now. How can we share them with other colleagues that might be also interested in the subjects?