As week three of the KS workshop is starting we are defining the specific tools and methods that participants would like to explore. We do this through the teleconferences and through our moodle platform.

It looks like the network mapping exercise triggered a lot of interest and Social Network Analysis is something that many would like to learn more about. Other tools and methods that we will look at more specifically are: Wikis, blogs, Dgroups, interactive use of mobile phones, to mention only a few.

Nancy White guided one group this morning via conference call through the KS toolkit which was at the same time a way to do a wiki-tour.

Some of the very positive things that popped up today:

  • Our participants from ICARDA who work on a Farmer’s Conference set up a wiki for this event. It contains lots of elements and ideas that have been discussed during the last 2 weeks in the workshop.
  • Michael Riggs from FAO decided to really start his blog that he set up earlier with feedback and posts on the workshop
  • Andrea Carvajal from CIAT offered her experience on how to introduce social network analysis with easy to use group dynamics in workshops.
  • Several participants mentioned that they will talk to their IT colleagues and engage with them in discussions on how to start to use some of the tools they start to learn about.
  • Two participants from Africa finally joined after two weeks motivated to catch up!
  • It appears that participants are choosing among the different possible channels for interaction that the course offers (discussion topics, learning logs, toolkit, conference calls, podcats, readings) to pick out what works best for each of them.