img_1245.jpg CIAT has started its strategic planning process. As an entry point and a way to involve all staff, the Center invited to a visioning exercise using the future story methodology. The expected outcome was to collect stories that focus on possible future developments of CIAT and that are based in staff perceptions of CIAT’s strengths. Sessions have been held in regional offices in Asia and Africa, and also at Headquarters where partners where additionally invited to contribute in an extra session. Throughout those 5 sessions 14 future stories have been collected and are now analyzed. The stories will feed into the Center’s annual meeting to be held in two weeks time where possible scenarios for CIAT’s future will be discussed and analyzed. This was the process we have been facilitating:
Participants were invited to reflect individually about a time when they felt proud of CIAT as an institution and as a research center, and when they felt happy and proud of working at CIAT.  Those Appreciative Inquiry reflections were shared in small groups and summarized on cards. Each group took then time to write a story. Pretending being in 2012, participants imagined the path that CIAT went from now to 2012 and that led CIAT to be a successful research center. The stories were based on the individual reflections of participants “happy moments”.  

Have a look at our KS toolkit for more information on Storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry

For more information on Future Stories see page 35 of SDC’s Story Guide: