As even the “older” generations are getting caught up in the Facebook and social networking mania, it might be interesting to highlight the possible uses of Facebook to the growing, though still dormant, CGIAR network which was set up within the CGIAR by Luz Marina Alvaré from IFPRI, who is always at the cutting edge of ICTs. A growing group of now 147 members have signed up, but the question is… what for?

It would be great to brainstorm on social networking possibilities within the CGIAR. To start the ball rolling, perhaps we could use Facebook to…
– Establish an expertise database?
– Publicize new projects, results, and products?
– Announce job openings?
– Share CGIAR staff blogs?

I’m sure that the above do not even cover 5% of the possibilities that Facebook could offer our System. So why not explore this further and find ways to strengthen the bonds between center staff?