The Knowledge Management for Development community KM4Dev runs a listserv, and a Web site, among others. The threads and contributions are frequently summarized by their originators and put on a wiki space called community knowledge. It’s a fabulous resource for all “knowledge workers”. And it’s a great example of collective action.

Most recently Ewen Leborgne from IRC summarized a topic on the role and rationale of a knowledge manager. Motivated by such a successful inquiry, I posted a request for information on event blogs, an activity that the Knowledeg Sharing Project was looking at in the context of the Annual General Meeting of the CGIAR.

The mail to the listserv generated first some side traffic with very insightful responses from Peter Ballantyne, Chris Addison, and Joitske Hulsebosch. Joitske took the initiative to summarize the contributions and offer them to the entire KM4Dev list, which in turn generated further reactions.  The summary –a work in progress– can be found at: